Friday, May 29, 2015

STAAR Data - Looking at Reporting Categories

Question: We don't know yet if our learners met standard on (passed) STAAR...What DO we know????

Answer: We know how the learners performed in each reporting category!

Now that our Spring 2015 STAAR data is in Aware, we can analyze the information by Student Reporting Category.  Once you log in to Aware through eduphoria!, select Student Reporting Category Breakdown from the drop down menu in the top, right side of the screen.

This will allow you to see the overall percent correct in each reporting category.

To clarify what this data means, look at the TEKS in the reporting categories...The STAAR Standards Snapshots from Lead4Ward allow you to see the TEKS organized by reporting category in a clear, organized format.  Go to and choose the Snapshot for your grade level.

I encourage you to reflect on this school year in light of this data and other quantitative and qualitative data collected in your classroom.  In what area did your learners' strengths lie?  Weaknesses?  How will this influence your lesson design for 2015-2016? 

Remember that we will only have raw score data (total number correct and number correct per reporting category) until the fall when TEA releases our performance standards and the pass rates are set.  At that time, we will know whether each child met standard or not.

The Met/Satisfactory column in Aware will reflect 0% or No for all learners until the fall when the performance standards are set.

As you review your data, I encourage you to ask questions rather than seek only answers.  More questions will uncover more data, and more data will paint a more accurate picture of our learners. 

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