Monday, October 6, 2014

No Retest Opportunities for STAAR Grades 5 & 8 in 2014-2015

In a TEA News Release dated August 22, 2014, information was shared about the suspension of the SSI grades 5 and 8 mathematics requirement for 2014-2015.

So what does this mean?  

(From TEA: 
Prior to this announcement, the Student Success Initiative (SSI) grade advancement requirements applied to enrolled grades 5 and 8 students who took the STAAR and mathematics tests at grades 5 and 8.
The SSI requirement specified that a student may advance to the next grade level only by passing these tests or by unanimous decision of his or her grade placement committee that the student is likely to perform at grade level after additional instruction.
Why are the SSI requirements suspended?
The revised (2012) TEKS for kindergarten through grade 8 are now being implemented in classrooms and in the grades 3–8 assessment program in the 2014–2015 school year.
Because performance standards for STAAR grades 3–8 mathematics will not be set until after the spring 2015 administration, retest opportunities for STAAR grades 5 and 8 mathematics will not be offered in May and June of 2015. 
What are the implications for promotion or retention decisions?
For the 2014–2015 school year, districts will use other relevant academic information to make promotion or retention decisions for mathematics.  

Commissioner Williams noted this suspension of the 5th and 8th grade mathematics requirement applies only for the 2014–2015 school year. 

The TEA News Release can be accessed here:

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